Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pearson Education Announce Student Advisory Board

Speaking to your customers is always a good idea and Pearson have determined consulting with a divergent group of college students will give them some insight into electronic texts, e-learning and other new educational methodology. I suspect they will also be able to discuss issues around pricing and pricing methodology that have caused the educational market such angst over the past few years. From the press release:
"We believe an advisory board of college students will be an important catalyst in providing Pearson with a fresh, informed perspective about our educational content, technology, services and future learning models," said Will Ethridge, President and CEO, Pearson Higher Education, International and Professional Publishing.
The board consists of 12 students from across the country and each sits for one year. The group held its first meeting in Boston last week and furthermore, each student will work on particular initiatives and will be paired with a Pearson executive as a mentor.
Sandi Kirshner, chief marketing officer, Pearson Higher Education, International and Professional Publishing. "We have high expectations for the student board members and we are anxious to gain insights from their college experience."

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Just wanted to call your attention to this item that came and went quickly last week, since you've blogged on this corporation's activities previously:


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