Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekly Update: May 13th

Silliness Regarding B&N/Borders Combo: Forbes
Thomson Transformation: Global&Mail
Spring Deals Rekindle M/A Market: Financial Week
Murdoch and Dow Jones: NYTimes

How Publishing Works: NYTimes
Holt on Reviews
News Corp 3Q Results (Harpercollins): Yahoo
Perseus Reorganization: PW
Wolters Kluwer 1Q Results: Webwire
EBrary Expands Publisher List Including ABC-Clio: Businesswire
Bloomsbury and Libre Digital: OhMyNews
Publishing Books On Line: The Times

Other News;
LOL Borders News: Businessweek
Launch of Amazon Author PodCasts: Businesswire
FT Reports Content Piracy Far Lower Than Estimated: FT LawGeek
Too Many Books? Design Observer Blog
Does Chaney Own an I-Pod? M&C
McCartney Goes Digital and The Beatles to Follow: Billboard
Review of IRex Illiad e-Reader: Guardian
Reflections On The Relationship Between Libraries and Publishers: Brantley

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