Monday, April 30, 2007

Sting's Lyrics in Book Form

I had this idea last year that compendiums of an artists lyrics would make an interesting book product although I also suggested that including reflections on what the songs meant, what was going on with the artist/band at the time and some autobiographical material would round out the titles. I have read two books from the Continuum series of mini-books on seminal albums and they are quite interesting but one dimensional. Really long essays written by music critics they speak about the construction of the album and the songs on it as well as some of the circumstances surrounding the recording. My thought was that this concept would be more interesting if presented by the artists that wrote and performed the music.

The AP via the Miami Herald is reporting that all Sting's lyrics will be presented in book form and published by The Dial Press. The press release suggests that there may be some accompanying text with the lyrics however it is not specific on that point.

Some other suggestions: Hiatt, Thomson, Young, Waits, Wilson, Townshend, Armstrong, Lovett, Gallagher(s), I could go on...

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