Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Forewarning

On the back of their self-regulation of the famous swimsuit issue, Sports Illustrated announced that they would no longer report on women's professional volley ball. In comments, the company stated that the decision to restrict circulation of the swimsuit issue to libraries had led to some internal 'soul searching' and, as a result, the company had decided that they would no longer picture the scantily clad and excessively athetic atheletes of the PVA in the magazine. No word yet from the library community.

In other news, the ISBN community reported that they are considering adding a suffix to the recently adopted 13 digit ISBN syntax that will enable ISBNs to include additional characters and/or numbers for parts of products. The proposal would add a decimal point followed by whatever series of numbers and symbols the publisher required. The agency commented that the additional characters would not be confusing - unless the publisher chose to use a rune - and that they would be basically ignored by electronic bar-code readers. The decimal point would be calculated as a zero.

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