Friday, March 23, 2007

Pearson Teams With Google

Educational publisher Pearson has linked up with Google Video to offer students quick video programs of educational programs.
Lecture and Test Prep videos for seven additional Martin-Gay titles from Pearson Prentice Hall will be available for download by summer 2007, covering basic college mathematics, introductory algebra, and, intermediate algebra. Students can purchase sections of the Lecture Videos for $0.99 each; a chapter of the Test Prep videos for $1.99; and a full chapter of the Lecture Videos for $3.99.
The quick video content is designed to support in class and text material and a 'great way to get extra support'. Parents may anti-up for the videos but I wonder whether the kids will. How soon will the videos be available for free on YouTube? You do have to recognize that Pearson comes up with these interesting ideas to extend content into different distribution channels and to go where the customers are.

Also, it being Friday and there being excitment over Wolters Kluwer, the Pearson plc stock is up (again) this morning on speculation of a break-up.

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