Monday, October 02, 2006

Blogger Issues

Blogger has consumed 30mins of my time this morning to fix the RSS feed. Lesson: don't compose in Word and paste into Blogger. Feedburner refuses to work since some hidden code is transferred in the process. The RSS feed still isn't working correctly but it is at least working. Inexplicably, it has re-dated a post I did last week on Supply Chain and is ignoring a post I made in the middle of last week. All are displaying correctly on the blogger site however.

Frustration reigns. Apologies.


Eoin Purcell said...

You could always move to! Sweet, slick AND free!
Best of all words.

And no they don't pay me!

Eoin Purcell said...

That really should have said worlds!

PersonaNonData said...

I have been considering this; either Typepad or Wordpress. Not sure. I like the idea of using my own url but that means I have to pay either for the software or hosting or both. Also, I am not sure about converting all the blogger entries over to the new software. I will figure something out. Thanks for the tip.