Monday, September 18, 2006

The Who

The Who play Madison Garden tonight and tomorrow and I was really torn whether to go or not. Sitting miles away from the stage is not my idea of fun so it was floor seats or nothing for me (and the wife). Seats in the second section from the stage just a little beyond half court were going for $300 a piece last week. It is a lot of dosh but I was tempted since we saw them the last time - when I thought the whole thing was going to be cancelled since John E snuffed it in Vegas. Tempted because the concert was possibly the best I have ever been to especially since Pete and Roger are my parents age. Still, I suspect they will be back. Regrettably, I have no stories of seeing them (or really anyone of note) in a small bar before they were famous and the only other time I saw them was at the Kingdome in Seattle (which as the name suggests was fucking huge - since demolished). Strangely, MSG can actually be a decent place to see a concert. We saw McCartney there last year and while we weren't on the floor it wasn't too bad at all.

As they embarked on their US tour, Pete reflected on the upcoming tour and some aspects remind me of how I feel about an upcoming long business trip. He says "I’m not going to pretend I’m looking forward to being away from home, but neither am I going to pretend I’m not looking forward to the tour." I have been lucky enough to manage businesses around the world and this entailed a lot of travel over the years; it gets old after a while leaving but there can be benefits to meeting and experiencing how other markets work and understanding your overseas managers is critical to managing them from a long distance. I don't go to Frankfurt this year and I will miss the experience. My reflections don't have much to do with what Pete experiences but if there wasn't reward in it - beyond the money - he wouldn't be doing it. Here is the link to his 'diary' which he suggests will be the last entry for a while.

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