Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Amazon Movie News, Google Newspapers, Bertelsmann

I wrote a post about Amazons new 'movie platform' (my words) and the The LA Times has a story on the anticipated Amazon Movie Service. Here it is. (It is interesting the correlation to the EPIC 2015 video I linked to last week).

Again, the Google factor at play generating huge coverage this morning, but when I heard this story about providing search users with access to digital archives of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others, I wondered what happens to Proquest which relies so much on revenues derived from thier newspaper databases.

As many news outlets are reporting this morning Vivendi has purchased Bertelsmann Music Publishing division for over $2.0billion.

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Eoin Purcell said...

So far as I can tell from the system Proquest will continue to be the vehicle for charging people. If you search and find stuff in their archive you still need to pay them!