Monday, August 07, 2006

Thomson Corporation Reports Strong Results

The Thomson Corporation reported their second quarter results on July 27th which reflected strong organic revenue growth and flow through profit. Among the highlights, revenues increased 7% (organic growth was 6%) and operating profit increased 15% versus the prior period. The operating profit improvement was both the result of higher revenues and also represented the results of a corporation wide cost improvement initiative. Earnings on an adjusted basis were $0.34 per share versus $0.23 per share in the period a year ago. Thomson also said the growth was broad based across all four business units.

Thomson President and CEO Richard J. Harrington commented on the results:

"We are pleased to report strong results for the second quarter. Our performance reflects our continued ability to execute against our three strategic priorities - driving organic growth as well as business and portfolio optimization. Notably, Thomson achieved another solid quarter of organic growth, up 6% over the prior-year period, with each market group contributing to the increase. Further, Thomson continued to translate revenues into profits, growing operating profit margin 100 basis points over the second quarter of last year.”

The company said their full year revenue estimate will be in line with their goal of 7-9% revenue growth. Full-year 2006 revenue growth will continue to be driven primarily by existing businesses, supplemented by tactical acquisitions. Thomson expects continued improvement in its operating profit margin in 2006. Thomson also expects to continue to generate strong free cash flow in 2006.

More information as follows for each of the business units:

Legal & Regulatory
- Revenues increased 9%, to $923 million, and segment operating profit grew 13%, to $277 million. Organic revenue grew 8% and growth from acquisitions was 1%.
- Organic revenue growth was largely driven by strong double-digit global online solutions, software and services, as well as the timing of certain bar review courses that were recognized this quarter versus the third quarter in 2005.

- Revenues were $456 million, a 5% increase over the prior-year period. Excluding the effects of currency exchange, revenues grew 4%, virtually all of which was organic.
- Revenue growth was driven by a 6% increase in the global higher education businesses, particularly custom publishing services, and Arts & Sciences and Business & Economics textbook sales.

- Revenues increased 6%, to $499 million, and segment operating profit increased 23%, to $92 million. Organic revenue growth was 5% and growth from acquisitions was 1%.

Scientific & Healthcare
- Revenues were $229 million, up 6% from 2005, and segment operating profit increased 9%, to $47 million. Organic revenues grew 5% and growth from acquisitions was 1%.

Here is a link to their webcast details.

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