Monday, July 24, 2006

Floyd Landis - It's all about the Hip

Who will end up with the book deal. Most had barely heard of Landis three weeks ago, and it is amazing to believe that the Tour de France could have created as compelling a story as Lance Armstrong in back to back years. Collectively, we wondered if we would bother to watch this year after Lance retired, but this effort by Landis was incredible. Here is the Landis web site. Will the book deal publish now or wait until he has the surgery and makes his comeback? Either way there must be an announcement in the works.

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PersonaNonData said...


Regretably the story behind this fantastic victory appears to be yet another example of an athelete detroying our confidence in sport. I retain hope that there is some explanation - but I know that will be unlikely. Instead of 'all about the hip' it is 'all about the cheating'